Anger getting the best of you


I think it’s save to say, that one time or another in our life’s we got so angry that it all spiralled out of control, hating everything and everyone even ourselves.

When we let our anger get the best of us it leads to resentment. Resentment of all kinds and sorts. Resenting yourself for letting things happen to you in your life, resenting your family, friends, parents, children, husband or the situation you find yourself in.

When we let that resentment grow, it can take a life of its own, you walk around with resentment and bitterness towards others and even yourself. If you leave these things in your life unresolved it will grow, don’t hope that it will just go away if you try to ignore it, because sooner or later it will come back and be much worse and at the end the person or people you have been harbouring these feelings towards, may not even know how you feel and they carry on with their life’s and you are the one sitting with all of this bitterness and resentment in your heart towards them.

Learn to let go, bitterness dries up the bones and it can make you sick, sometimes it can make you feel physically sick or even a battle of the minds, where you are fighting with them and yourself in your mind that can also lead to you being sick, when we leave these things unresolved and not dealing with it.

Take the needed steps; get healing for your heart and soul. Go to God ask Him to help you to forgive, at the end of the day you will feel better about taking charge of the situation. God sends people on our paths to help us with our pain. It can be a Pastor, a brother or sister, a child, a friend or even someone you have never met before, that person will find his or her way to you, you just need to be open and honest to the process, God will lead you on the right path, you just need to listen and be obedient to Him. God can’t help you heal if you aren’t willing to let Him in, He will never force Himself on you, you have free will to decide, am I going to surrender to God and let Him help me, or are you going to bluff yourself thinking that you can do it all by yourself, that is called pride, you can’t walk with God holding hands with the devil, sorry you have to make that choice, the world and the devil or God, with His endless love, mercy and grace for you. Loving you just the way you are, knowing every little thing about you, your secrets, your hurts, your hopes and even what your next move is going to be, He even knows when you are going to do the wrong thing and still loves you, but that doesn’t mean whe should do the wrong thing either, you can’t fool God, He knows your heart and your intentions and if its pure or not.

We need to pray in faith even when you can’t see, God sees and knows, if we put our trust and hope in Him you can know for sure that noting and no one can stop you, if God is for you, who can be against you.

Pray in faith, love even when it’s the hardest to love, forgive even if you don’t feel like forgiving. Let go and let God be God and let Him help you, He knows where to start the healing process.

Release to God, surrender and submit to God and always be humble, and always remember your humble beginnings where God stepped in and rescued you.

Blessed one to all

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