This is one topic that can keep you busy for hours. It’s one emotion I think we all have in common, getting angry is always so easy.

Driving to work or taking the kids to school and someone cuts you off or is driving recklessly, can get anyone’s blood boiling or it could be your kids doing something they shouldn’t do, your husband saying or doing something that gets your anger meter going to the danger zone, maybe it’s something you did to yourself that is making you mad.

But one way or another or maybe one thing or another have or will make you so angry that you feel that you want to strangle that person and then all hell is loose and all is done and said in the heat of the moment and knowing from experience that we, our human nature can get and be so stubborn, you wont want to apologize and you will keep on being angry and the anger will start to grow and grow until your anger eventually moves into hatred, hating what was said and done, hating both yourself and the other party involved for not letting go and making each others life’s, unbearable and not easy to be around each other.

We need no remember that anger is okay, we all get angry in curtain situations, it is what we do with our anger, do you keep it in and let it grow and take control or do you get revenge on the other party, sometimes we do both without knowing that we are doing it. We need to realize, you are allowed to get angry, but don’t payback anger with anger, forgive and let God step in.

It’s not always easy to keep calm and to let things that has been done or said to you go and to let God handle it, but remember He knows us best, he knows exactly why that person is doing or saying the things they are.

We are all broken and hurt people, some just learned to deal with situations better than others and it takes a lot of forgiving and releasing to God to receive healing, it’s not easy when you are hurting so bad on the inside that you want the other person to also to hurt as much as you do.

Always remember maybe the reason that person is doing or saying the things they are, is because maybe that is a way they are protecting themselves or keeping people from getting to close to them, we all have our reasons and God knows us and why we are doing the things we are, He is our Maker and Healer, go to Him and He will heal your pain, He is waiting for you to make that first step towards Him.

Release the anger, forgive and surrender and submit to Him and He will do the rest. Keep on praying even when you feel like not praying, hope even when you can’t see anything to hope for and have faith like a mustard seed.

Keep your eyes on God and not the storm.

Pray in faith


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