Being a godly woman

It’s not always easy being a godly woman, with people who label you, “because if you’re a godly woman you should be perfect, act in a certain way, be a certain way, love a certain way”. People like to throw stones at you and make snappy comments.

Comments like: if you are a godly woman why won’t you take me back you said you forgave me. Practise what you preach. You’re a godly woman act like it. A godly woman doesn’t hurt people. A godly woman is like this and not like that.

What is a godly woman supposes to be like?

A godly woman is humble and thankful for everything that YHWH [God] does for her. She loves the un-loveable and forgives the un-forgivable, but that doesn’t mean she has to allow people to walk over her. She’s a servant of YHWH [God] and does His will and tries her best to honor her King YHWH [God] with Him knowing she is not perfect.

Sometimes she will fall and stumble, but her King YHWH [God] is there right by her side to pick her up. She makes mistakes and makes wrong choices, but once again her King YHWH [God] is there helping her to take the mess and make it message and to guide her to the right path.

A godly woman will put everyone before her, not because she feels it’s what’s expected from her, but that is how her heart is, thinking of others before she thinks of herself. A godly woman has to make difficult decisions and not all will understand or like her decisions, but she trusts her King YHWH [God] to help her with her decisions.

It’s not easy in this time and age to be a godly woman, trying to live a godly life with people always second guessing your steps. Waiting for you to make a mistake to fall just so that they can say, see she’s not perfect.

A godly woman is not perfect her King YHWH [God] is and He is her redeemer and knight in shining armour.

For all the women out there trying to be a godly woman, don’t let anyone or anything dim your light, you are worth more that rubies and diamonds. It may not be easy but it’s sure worth it, for my Father loves me unconditionally, He protects me, He provides for me, He is always there for me. He is the King of all kings and every knee shall bow down to Him.

You are a princess and your Father is the King of the Whole Universe and He is your protector, you don’t need to fight the fight, He will do it for you, all you need to do is to step back and let Him be, let YHWH [God] be who He is your defender and protector.

All praise and glory be to Him.

May you all have a blessed weekend.

Grace and favor to you all.

Blessings and Shalom

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