Different kinds of Grieving

Continuing from yesterday’s topic.
We all go through grieving at some stage of our lives it can start from an early stage of our lives, as a child or an adult. Maybe it was one of your animals as a child your best friend, or as you get older other kinds of losses.

It can be from losing someone to death or it can be a other kind of loss, like a relationship that you thought would last, a friendship that you prayed would stand through time, a husband and wife, grieving for what they had or want to have, it can even be the simplest thing in life that you are grieving.

Just remember no one can judge you for having the feelings you do, we are all different and that means, what seems small to me is big to you, what is hurting you may not be hurting me. But remember we are all made different, God didn’t make us the same, He made each one of us in a unique way, the way He wanted us.

For some people it’s a bit easier to work through their pains and for others, they need a bit of help and guidance in working through their pain. We should always remember to work through our pain, you can’t dig a hole and burry it, because if you do burry it, it will sooner or later start to rot and fester and explode and when it explodes then there will be far more bigger things to work through. We can’t expect to get healing from something if it is put one side, take it head on and work through it, if you put it off because of fear, then the devil will win, but if you give it to God in prayer, He will help you.

Believe me when I say it’s not going to be a easy task, but if you take the first step towards healing the rest will follow, you just need to push through even when it feels pointless or hopeless, keep on pushing and praying, prayer is your most powerful weapon, if you don’t have the words, just say Lord you know me, You know my hart, take my heart and heal it. He will deliver you, He will heal you, you need to make the first step, and God will never force Himself on you and make decisions for you.

Please take the step towards God and healing, don’t leaf it or give the devil a foothold in your life.

Stay humble and remember, release, surrender and submit to God.

May the peace of YHWH be with you all through this weekend.
Blessings to all

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