Doing the right thing.

Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Sometimes you are faced with a decision, one you have to make, maybe for yourself, or it could be for someone ells. When you are at a point where you have to make the decision and sometimes its one that will not be very easy to make.

When you have to make the choice to either help someone or leave them to their own downwards spiral. It’s always a difficult one to make, because you know your choice(s) will have a reaction or actions that will follow.

For some it’s a choice they have to make for themselves that will also affect others around them. When you decide to go one direction it will end up good for others and not so good for yourself, but when you decide to go the other direction, a healthier choice in all aspects, but will at first be a heart braking experience for everyone, can be in the end a good and healthy choice in the end and can lead to healthier and happier days and relationships for everyone involved.

Choices we all have to make choices everyday in our lives. Whether it’s eating brown or white bread, turning left or right at the stop sign, or the more difficult ones. Are we going forward or ending this, are we willing to fright for this or just leave it, am I going to stay or go.

These are just some of the choices we face everyday, for me I have learned the hard way. Trying to do things in and on my own time and way doesn’t always work out for the good, I may hope and pray that things will workout for the good of everyone, but most of the time the outcome will be not so good.

So what did I learn and do, I prayed and asked YHWH [God] to place His will for my life on my heart, to help me on my journey with Him by my side. It’s not always an easy journey, there is a lot of bumps and distractions along the way, but then He reminds me to trust Him, He knows what He is doing in and around my life.

My journey was not an easy one especially when He wasn’t in control, but since I made the decision to every day give Him total control, the road is less rocky and a bit less distracted.

It’s not easy to surrender your control especially in the world we life in today, where everyone is about control, I’m not saying leave everything and sit and wait for everything to just fall into place or into your lap. I’m saying trust Him to make the way and in the right time He and place He will show you to move or stay, to turn left of right. Make plans and have a hope for your future, but always remember to let it happen and be in His will and His time.

Pray in faith and you will not life in doubt.

May YHWH [God] place His will for your life on your heart and may His wisdom and knowledge lead you on your journey.

Blessings and Shalom

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