Facing a hopless situation

We all have been there before or are there right now, feeling hopeless, feeling like there is now way out. Feeling that you are stuck in a situation and don’t know which way out.

Every where you look and every where you turn feels like a dead-end. No one to talk to, no one to share the pain with. Trying your best to fight through it all and not wanting to give up and fall back into the same old ways or routines.

Praying to YHWH [God] for help, but you feel that you are praying into a wall and not getting through to Him.

Thinking to yourself, is YHWH [God] hearing my prayers and praying that you won’t feel so stuck and so alone. You are surrounded by people, but you feel so alone, no one knows how you really feel and what is really going on inside your heart.

Your heart feels like is shattered and will never be whole again, everything feels like it’s just getting too much for you. You are looking for a way out, somewhere els to go, to get away form here. You are so very thankful for everything you have in your life and you are thankful to YHWH [God] for bringing you so far, not leaving you alone, being by your side and everything He is still doing in your life.

We all feel like this at some stage of our lives. At the end of the day we should always remember that YHWH [God] is always with us, and when our spirit and soul gets heavy we should put on the garment of praise and start to praise.

It may not always be easy to want to praise and worship when you feel like this, but that is how we will win our battles. By praising and bringing honor to YHWH [God] for everything, we might not see what is happening or what He is doing right now but it will become clear.

Remember YHWH [God] loves you even at your lowest and when you feel Him the least He is still there for you. Holding you and loving you, even when you feel most un-lovable. Find your worth in Him and not the things of this world.

Love, mercy, grace and peace to all.

Blessings and Shalom

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