I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there that can relate to this four letter word, and knows how bad this four letter word can get.

We all have been there or is still there, fear controlling your life. Fear of losing everything in your life that you have worked so hard for. Fear of losing your money and comforts. Fear of losing your partner, spouse, family member or one of your children. Fear of what people may think or say about you. Fear of not getting the needed approval. Fear of being alone. Fear of the unknown, and I can go on and on there is so many things people will find to be afraid of.

For some the fear is so bad that it actually controls them and has a bad influence on everyone around them. Maybe you fear rejection and you want to please everyone just so that they won’t reject you for saying no.

Maybe your fear is so bad that you don’t even know it and in a result of that fear you bully everyone around you. We need to realize that fear is not of YHWH [God]; He doesn’t want you to life in fear. He wants you free of fear. It’s not an easy thing to beat this fear we all have.

Remember the devil wants you to live in fear every second of every day because he enjoys it; he actually feeds on it; the more afraid you are of something or someone the more control he has over you.

Trying to beat fear alone won’t help you; you need YHWH [God] every step of the way, helping you making you stronger to defeat your fear. Every time fear comes and knocks at your door, just say Jesus it’s for you and He will help you beat it.

Always remember don’t rely on your own strength let YHWH [God] help you, let Him take the lead and show you why this fear is controlling you. Let Him do the digging and He will show you step by step day by day.

Let go and let YHWH [God] be YHWH [God].

May YHWH [God] bless you with His wisdom, knowledge, discernment and strength.

Grace and Favour be with you all.

Blessings and Shalom

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