Focusing on what is important.

Focusing on what is important in your life.

Sometimes when you are grieving a loss of any kind, it can change a person.
You can either change for the good or for the bad, meaning you can grow, get stronger look to God and get healing and have a joyful life or for the bad, you can let what happen to you make you so negative and drain you.

When you decide to lean to the negative side, life can be difficult and hurt a lot. We must remember that things get tough in life, but when we make the decision to not let what happened to us control our life’s, we can and will get through anything.
When we leaf things and don’t work through it, it makes us feel tired, negative and hopeless. God doesn’t want that for us He wants us to give things to Him to help us get through what is hurting us the most.

Sometimes we feel too tired to fight back the negativity and want to stay one side and leaf everything and just go through life with our eyes blindfolded hoping things will get better. It so easy to be negative than to be positive.

God will help us with all our hurts and emotions, if we just give Him a chance, He is always there for us even when we feel like we are alone, maybe He is talking to you through your child, a flower, a animal or maybe something so small and simple that it is right in front of our eyes, but because we are so tangled up in the negativity of things going on in our lives we don’t notice it.

God doesn’t give us more than what we can handle, and for some, they may think, “I must be superman or superwoman to go through what I’m going through”. Just remember without the test there can be no testimony, and each one of us has our own testimony, maybe mine is not as big as yours or so miraculous than yours, but we all do have one. Where God stepped into your life and your life was changed, it was changed so drastically that it can only be explained that it was and still is God’s handy work that made and is still making things happen in your life.

God is willing to help you, heal you, guide you, you just need to make the decision to stop letting things that happened in and around your life get you down, move on and move forward with God by your side. Stop looking to other people’s lives and wishing you had their “perfect” lives, the grass is not greener on the other side, maybe the just learned to manage their situations a little better.
God can’t heal what you are not willing to give to up, release the pain, surrender and submit to God and He will do the rest.

Peace and joy to you all


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