Grieving a loss of any kind is not a good feeling, grieving a loss of a child, a parent, a friend or even your marriage, or even a family member lying on a hospital bed in pain and your feeling their pain, it’s not always the best feeling or experience to go through. We can pray about our situation and sometimes it feels like there is no hope, why should I even try, is God actually listening and why me, why do i have to be the one going through this pain, does anybody notice, does anybody actually care about my pain, why even bother. We have to remember that even in our storms God is with us even if it feels like we are alone, He is the one nudging you turn left or go straight, that voice speaking to you guiding you is the presence of the Holy Spirit helping you to move closer to God. I learned the hard way, because of my stubbornness, He will guide me and show me but our flesh would sometimes get in the way, thinking and doubting and doubt is the devils biggest weapon of destroying our hope in God.

When in doubt call to God he will listen and He is always with us. Give your pain and your broken heart to God, after all who can heal our harts the best, he is our Maker, Creator, who better to heal our hearts than the One who created it, He knows us best.

Always remember, release and surrender it to God and submit to Him and He will do the rest. It’s not always going to be an easy journey, but knowing that He, God, Creator of all, has and always will have your back.

May the peace and hope of YHWH be with you all through your journey, guiding you and keeping you safe.

All the glory and praise be to Him


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