Having Hope when there seems to be no Hope

It’s so easy to lose focus and your hope when you look forward and everything looks gray.

There is just no colour you know with all your heart that YHWH [God] has control over the situation, you know He is there with you in this bleak and colourless situation. It feels like your heart is broken into a million pieces and it’s scattered all over the world. You think how will or can there come joy from all this pain.

You feel like you’re in a hopeless situation and there is just no way out. You think there is no going back no other way out, so you just carry on forward with your eyes closed hoping that one day, one morning you will wake up with everything that you’ve went through was just a bad dream.

Then you wake up and realize it’s all still there, the pain, the hurt, the wrong choices you’ve made, you realize, my life is such a mess, one bad choice after another, one sin after another.

You think to yourself, YHWH [God] will never forgive me, He will never take me back, and I have sinned so much to deserve His love, mercy and grace.

All you need to remember is, when the devil comes with this lie, the lie that YHWH [God] will never take you back, just remember you are never too far along or away to turn back to YHWH [God].

Just one step and your back, back in His loving arms. Where He will protect you and comfort you all you need to do is repent, forgive and surrender to Him.

He will help you, He will restore you, and He will be there for you. He is HOPE. He is LOVE. He is a mercy full YHWH [God] that loves His children more than anyone ever can.

No human can love you as much as you’re Maker, YHWH [God]. His love is endless and doesn’t come with any strings.

Release the strongholds in your life; release the un-equally yoked people in your life. Ask YHWH [God] to remove the strongholds in your life and replace Him as your STRONG TOWER, your CORNERSTONE, and your SOLID FOUNDATION. Pray to Him and ask Him to replace your heart of stone with a heart of flesh and to fill your heart with His amazing love for you.

For YHWH [God] knows His plans for you, HOPE for a future. There is always hope in any hopeless situation.

Be blessed

Shalom and Blessings

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