Knowing when to let go.

When we find ourselves in a place where either a choice we’ve made or someone ells made, caused an impact on our lives. It could be that we’ve made a choice to do something, for some they made a poor choice and what followed wasn’t a pleasant experience or you made a good choice and you are reaping a good harvest.

Some of us or someone made a poor choice and it actually caused someone ells to experience the hurt and pain from the choice we’ve made.

Whether or not you made a decision or someone ells made a decision and that ended up in you receiving the short end of the stick, whether you lost money, friends or family, whatever it could be you lost or whatever the situation can be. Maybe someone’s actions caused you pain, pain that you think would or could never be healed or go away.

Whether you are sitting with bad memories, bitterness, hatred, anger or jealousy. Hoping and praying that all this hurt could just go away. Or wanting revenge for what you’ve lost, blaming everyone ells around you for what happened to you, feeling bitter, hurt or angry at the person or persons involved. Maybe you are feeling sorry for yourself and thinking the world and everyone owes you.

By blaming others doesn’t and will not make things better. Yes things happens to us in our lives, maybe your own poor choices, maybe at the hand of someone ells, but by blaming others is not going help you heal or move on with your life.

You can choose, choose to be a survivor and get up and fight, fight the pain, fight the devil that’s trying to remind you of what happened. You can choose to feel sorry for yourself and hold onto the pain, being stuck in a horrible cycle and letting the devil win.

Life is not always fair, but we all can choose to be survivors, living in His joy and love or let what happened to you have victory over you and let self-pity take over.

By choosing to fight back and to ask YHWH [God] help you, lead you, search your heart and mind, to cleanse it with His amazing grace and love, you will have victory.

YHWH [God] knows where to take away, where to leave and where to replace the pain with His love, joy, mercy and grace, we just need to have faith in Him and the process. It won’t always be an easy journey, but with YHWH [God] you can and will win the fight.

Release, surrender and submit to Him and stay humble at His feet.

Grace and favour be with you all.

Shalom and Blessings

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