Living with doubt

Have you ever found your self heading down a path and not knowing the outcome? Sometimes this path feels so familiar, everything around you has changed, but you recognize this road.

For some you want to take charge and want to do anything to prevent it from ending up in a similar situation than before. You want to take control, do something to change the outcome, just in case you end up at a place you where before.

The people and places changed along the way, but you know and feel in your heart that you’ve been here before. Where did I go wrong did I made the wrong choice, did I here or understood wrong, what was the message, I know YHWH [God] showed me, but what happened.

Did I go left when I was actually supposed to go right or maybe forward and I leaned a little bit back? Maybe I got this all wrong; the path I was supposed to go was not the path YHWH actually showed me.

We all have questions and doubts, did I make the right choice, and is this what I was supposed to do or go. We can go around and around with all these questions in our minds, making ourselves feel tired and sometimes scared or maybe sad.

All I can say is when in doubt pray, pray and pray. YHWH [God] will help you, even when you feel that there is just no way of getting on to the right path again, or maybe you were on the right path and just got blindsided for a bit.

Doesn’t matter how wrong or how far you went of your path, YHWH [God] is by your side. Maybe you made a little detour, but remember YHWH [God] knows where you are going and He is moving, shaping, moulding and protecting your path.

Take time spent time with Him, He will show you, He will remove the doubt that the devil plants in your mind. Keep on fighting the good fight. Sometimes your path will feel lonely, but remember your never alone, YHWH [God] is always by your side.

He is your way maker, clearing your way and protecting your rear. Take back the ground that the devil has stolen from you, stand firm and let YHWH [God] help you. He knew you before you were born; He knitted you together in your mother’s womb. He knows even what you will do or say before you do, and still loves you.

May the grace and favour of YHWH [God] be with you all. May He bless you with His knowledge, wisdom, strength and peace for your journey.

Shalom and Blessings

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