When you think about the word obedience, what comes to mind?

For some people it may be a rule to break or way of life. For others it’s a daily choice to live in obedience.

As children we had to listen to our parents and to live in obedience towards there rules. When you think of it there rules was there to help us guide us and to protect us from the unknown.

What some of us now know and didn’t realise when we where children. Our parents were children also, they went though childhood, and they also made mistakes and learned the hard way, maybe. So for them to give us advice or punishing us and asking us to obey their rules, or just being obedient to them is their way of protecting us from what they maybe already experienced and learned from.

Now that we are older and grown and still need to be obedient towards the authorities and YHWH [God]. Showing your obedience towards YHWH [God] may not be the same as others. But through obedience towards YHWH [God] comes growth.

Obedience towards YHWH [God] is not a punishment, its showing your love for Him. By choosing to do good, to obey His Word, His commandments is you showing your love for Him.

His Word and His commandments is not a fence to keep you from enjoying your life, you can still enjoy your life living in obedience towards Him. His Word and His commandments that you follow and the love you show toward Him brings the blessing. But remember you can’t fool YHWH [God], He knows your heart.

By giving Him control and letting Him lead you on your path will strengthen your Spirit and Soul.

He will show you and give you hope.

Always remember to release your control to Him so He can bring you to where you need to be.

Release, surrender and submit to Him.

I pray for peace, love, joy, kindness, patience, obedience and His will for your live over you.

May the grace and peace of YHWH [God] be with you all.

Shalom and blessing

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