Pointing fingers

We all go through live, for some their path may be easy and for others not so easy. Some people may think that there life is hard and that other people’s life’s is easy.

If you take a moment and think about it you could realise that maybe it’s not, maybe he or she didn’t have it as easy as you thought. Maybe they just learned how to manage their battles a bit better. By choosing not to let their situation or circumstances get the best of them or steel their joy.

We all have our battles and storms but it is what we make of it. We are so quick to judge someone els or point fingers towards others. We always seem to see the bad in people or the wrongs that they did to us.

Maybe someone hurt you and it’s easier for you to blame them because you are hurting so bad it’s easier for you to blame them or talk badly about them. It helps you cope with the pain in some way.

Maybe someone is in a position where he or she tried everything possible they could think of, but to no prevail, nothing came through or nothing happened to change the situation.

Why is it so easy for us to always look to the other person for the fault or problem? Why do we see the speck in someone else’s eye, but not the log in our own? It’s always so easy to put the blame onto another and not ourselves.

No one should judge another, except if you judge the fruit and not the person, judge the sin, not the sinner.

We all have flaws and we all came from the same place, we were born into this world because YHWH chose us and He wanted us here, you may think or maybe you were told that you were never meant to be born a “mistake”, but with YHWH [God] there is no mistakes and we all will end up in the same place. Our lives will end, some will rejoice on that day and other will not.

May YHWH [God] help each of you on your journey in this world, may He help you and guide you to where He wants to use you as a blessing and bring glory to His name.

Remember to release the anger, judgment, hatred, jealousy, bitterness and self-righteousness. Let go and let YHWH [God] be YHWH [God], let Him be the judge, let Him take all the hatred, anger, bitterness and pain. Give Him the control and heal you.

May YHWH [God] bless you with His wisdom, knowledge, strength, mercy and love for your journey.

Be Blessed.


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