Praise Him in your Storm

When facing a “Storm” and you feel like all hope is lost.

I think everyone at some point or stage in there life’s has or is feeling like this. Going through a storm, does anybody notice that I’m hurting or does anybody actually care about how I may feel?

We all have those kind of storms that we hoped and prayed will pass because it feels like this storm will never pass, how long still should I carry on like this, does God actually care about how I feel, that my life feels like it’s falling apart and everyone around me thinks that everything is perfect, nothings wrong, but on the inside it feels like everything is being torn apart, not knowing if or when or can it be repaired, when you feel like all hope is lost and you are like a bull charging through life hoping and praying that things will eventually fall into place.

We need to remember that God is our source of Hope and He is the One that is and will help us through everything. I know things may look dark and gray now, but remember that Beauty will come from Ashes and God will restore the things the devil has stolen from you. It could be a friendship, a relationship, family member, a child or your marriage, but we serve a Powerful God and He loves His children.

We should always go to our source of Hope and that is God, if we can praise Him in the storm He will get us through it, stronger and wiser than before.

Don’t be ruled by your emotions, ask God to bless you with His wisdom and knowledge for the battle and He will help you, He will calm your emotions so you can think more clearly.

Remember to guard your mind and heart against the attacks of the devil. The devil likes to play with our minds, emotions and hearts. Pray to God and ask God to place His will for your life on your heart, and guard your heart from anything that is not from Him.

Our human nature, our flesh, is weak and likes to lean towards sin and the world that is why we should fight everyday and always remember to cloth ourselves with His Armour, the Armour of God and to lay down our human nature everyday.

It’s not always going to be easy, the closer you move towards God, the harder the devil will fight, but always remember that the war is already won, God has already won the war, we need to fight the battle here and now, God is with us now and always.

May God bless you with the strength, wisdom and knowledge for your journey and your storms.

Grace and Favour be with you all.


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