Smiling when all ells fails

Sometimes you feel so broken inside that choosing to smile through it all is your only way of coping and your only hope.

Everyday when you wake up, you pray that hopefully today will be a better one, hopefully today something or someone will walk into your life and all the hurt and pain from yesterday will just be a bad memory.

Everyday you wake up, you do your routine work, keep yourself busy so you don’t have time to think about what is lacking or missing from or in your life and when will that lack or emptiness be filled or healed.

You get up each and every morning choosing to smile through it all; smile and everyone around you will feel better, because your smile makes them think everything is going to be okay. But at the end of the day, you are just as broken or even more on the inside than what they are, but you don’t want to show the world how broken you really are.

You choose each and every morning to ask YHWH [God] to help you thought the day, to lift you up when you can’t anymore. To be your strength in time of need.

We all feel sometimes that the things we face is more than what we can handle and sometimes it is or will be, but always remember YHWH [God] will get you through everything in His time and He wants you to rely on His strength not your own.

He wants you to call on Him in your time of need. His strength is sufficient enough for you to face and get through anything you are facing at the moment.

Without Him I know that I wouldn’t have made it this far in my life, looking back and seeing how He helped me guided my steps and protected me and still does, I realise how awesome Father He is.

Always ready, willing and able to help His children, we just need to ask Him and He will provide for you in His time.

We should see the hope of our healing in our souls; we should choose Your goodness and love for us. After all You are for us and not against us. You YHWH [God] love us with a never-ending and never-failing love.

YHWH [God] loves you and wants you to rely on Him, His strength and His will for you.

Surrender, release and submit to Him and He will do the rest.

May the grace and favour of YHWH [God] be with you all this week, may YHWH [God] open the doors that needs to be opened and closes the doors that you can’t close on your own.

Many blessings to all and remember YHWH [God] loves you with an endless love.

Blessings and Shalom

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