The Storms we face

Sometimes facing a storm can be a terrifying and a fearful thing to do. Taking on the unknown, not knowing what is or will happen. Will I survive the storm or will the storm get the best of me. The storm can be a real life threatening storm or a “life storm”, meaning, the battles we fight each and everyday of our lives.

It could be a personal silent kind of storm that no one knows about, the secret kind of life storm, this one causes damage everywhere you go because you must protect this secret at all times, no one must know and what if it comes out, what will happen then.

It can be an illness that is causing the storm in your life, a family member causing a storm in your life, a partner that is abusing you, we all face a storm in our life’s, some are big life changing storms that can tear a family apart, other storms can bring family’s closer and some may end in disaster, when people facing a storm see no way out but to end their life.

When facing a storm we need to remember that we aren’t fighting against flesh we are fighting a battle and we need to gear ourselves with The Armour fit for war. God provides us with the right Armour to win, actually, the war is already won, it’s only the battle that we need to fight each and everyday, but not on our own, with God, with His Armour, His guidance and His help.

He will provide us with everything we need, we just need to let Him have control and let Him be God and lead us, He makes the way, He sends His angels out before us to protect us.

Don’t say God is testing me that is why I’m in this storm, God will never test you, things happen in our life’s because of the choices we make, we all have free will and what we decide to do or not to do will have an action, it depends on you and the choices you make.

If you choose to do something you know is wrong it will not have a good outcome, if you choose to do the right thing or action it will have a positive outcome, maybe not always the way you want it or at the time you want it, but at the right time and place you will reap the benefits of what you sowed.

Remember if you sow evil or negativity toward others and yourself, the harvest that you reap will not be good for you, if you sow good towards others and yourself, your harvest will be blessed by God and nothing and no one can stop a blessing that God wants to deliver.

God will always be with you in the storm, He will be next to you helping you, guiding you, protecting you, you may not see it, but when you are through your storm looking back you will see and know how, when and where He helped you and protected you.

God is good, He is for us not against us and it breaks His heart to see your heart being broken and when we hurt others it hurts Him too.

Next time you feel like hurting someone while facing your storm, what ever you may face, think of how much more you are hurting God and also yourself, because in the end you are the one that has to live with the guilt, that is eating you from the inside, remembering how you caused pain to someone ells.

Give your storm and pain to God, God is bigger that any storm you are facing don’t let your storm be bigger than God.

Always remember, release, submit and surrender it all to God.

May the grace and favour of God be with you all.


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