What is pure and good.

Philippians 4:8
For the rest, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is righteous, whatever is clean, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any uprightness and if there is any praise – think on these.

This is a Scripture to make a person think. Where is my mind wandering. What thoughts is going around in my mind. Is my thought pattern good and pure, Christ like or is it not so Christ like at all.

When we let the devil wander through our thoughts and mind, we give him legal ground to build all kinds of negative and wrong thinking. Eventually that wrong thinking can become your way of living.

Always thinking the worst of everyone and every situation that comes across your path. We sometimes hold on to the things that has happened to us in our past to protect ourselves and then start building up walls. Keeping people at arm’s length, just to make sure they don’t hurt you again. Sometimes we don’t even realise that we are holding on to hurts and wrongs, that was caused to us.

Maybe your past was filled with hurt and betrayal, that you now bring into your present relationship, or holding on to a hurt caused by a loved one, a parent or parents, a family members or your spouse. Don’t let what happened to you become you. Don’t let other people’s opinions become your opinions. It’s your life and you are the one living it.

We need to realise we all make mistakes and we are all sinners, and just remember you also were and are responsible for some of the hurt caused to someone ells, only YHWH [God] is perfect in all His ways. We need to let go of the hurts and the betrayals, it is poisoning you making you sick, mentally and sometimes can lead to physical health problems.

We should forgive all the hurts and let it go, holding on to the hurt is not going to justify what happened to you or help you get better. We are so prone to think the worst of everyone, how can I trust them again, how can it work. Sometimes we even think things that is not even true, because the devil will plant something in your mind and it will grow like wild weeds, taking over your whole being.

Start trimming that weeds, start planting YHWH’s [God’s] Word. Protect and guard your mind, with the blood of Yeshua [Jesus]. Ask YHWH [God] to purify your heart and mind, and to give Yeshua [Jesus] authority of your mind, let Yeshua [Jesus] be the stronghold of your mind. Start to have a Christ like mind and the devil will flee.

There is no room in your mind, heart and live for the devil and YHWH [God]. If you give the devil legal grounds in your life, mind and heart he will take everything that is pure and good and turn it into a never-ending story of heartache, hatred, un-forgiveness and bitterness.

Give YHWH [God] control and you will have a beautiful garden, that will need cleaning and watering. But you can know life will and can be more blessed with YHWH [God] by your side.

May grace and favor be with you, through the hard times and good times.

Blessings and Shalom

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