We all ask why?

Why didn’t I get the job or promotion? Why did they leave? Why doesn’t he or she love me anymore? Why didn’t things workout between us. Why is my marriage falling apart? Why are my children acting the way they are or why did YHWH [God] let this happen?

We all go around asking Why this and Why that, at the end of the day things go wrong in and around us in our life’s because of the choices we all make or it could just be that is not what YHWH [God] had in mind for you.

Maybe you didn’t get that job or the promotion because YHWH [God] knows that when you do get that job or promotion, your family will suffer from it, not spending the needed time as family together anymore and will lead to a broken family.

Maybe they left because YHWH [God] is trying to save you from pain. And the reason he or she doesn’t love you anymore or left is because there is someone better for both of you and YHWH [God] is trying to spare you both years of unhappiness and heartache.

Maybe the reason your marriage is falling apart is because the quality time you are supposed to spend with your family your busy doing other things. Chatting with other people on your phone, occupying yourself with things that doesn’t need your attention, things that can wait, because your family is more important.

YHWH [God] doesn’t let bad thing happen to us, it’s about the choices we make, choices that leads to consequences and we all need to learn that all our choices leads to something, it’s your choice are you going to make the right one’s or not. Will you be able to live with what will follow from your choice?

It’s always easy to ask why, but we don’t always look to the positive side of what has happened. If something didn’t go as planed even if you don’t understand it, in time it will make sense.

When something didn’t go the way you wanted it to don’t get too mad or too sad, yes have your emotions, but don’t let them control you, work thought them ask YHWH [God] to help you, lead you, and guide you to a better path. The path He has for you.

Always remember YHWH [God] is for us and not against us even if it feels like the world is against you, He is not, He is there for you, waiting for you, ready to help you.

May YHWH [God] comfort you, help you and heal you. May His love be your comfort and blanket, wrapped in His warmth and love.

May grace and favor be with you all.

Blessings and Shalom.

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