YHWH keeper of my heart

To the one that holds my heart, YHWH [God]. I loved you before I knew you. I thought I knew what love felt like, but I was wrong, sometimes Love is for you and not against you, Love is pure and sometimes painful, Love is kind but also sometimes mean, love sometimes hurt but always protects, but love is still beautiful.

Sometimes you want to run and embrace all the things that love means and holds for you, and then sometimes you just want to turn and run away from it, scared of the hurt and the pain that comes with it. Love is not always good and makes you feel like keeping it at an arm’s length.

Love makes mistakes and has regrets. Regrets of should have or could have’s. Love can lead to new beginnings or sometimes endings. Love is a beautiful and sometimes painful journey, but al the time worth it.

My heart was shattered into a million pieces, the day the door was shut closed, no ending no beginning, no closure, but piece by piece, day by day it’s starting to beat again. Day by day YHWH [God] is repairing it putting it back together. There may be some cracks that still needs to be filled, but I think YHWH [God] will leave some of it for the His light to shine thought it.

Maybe there will be joy or maybe some tears, maybe reconciliation or not, maybe new beginnings, better ones, but I know in my heart that You YHWH [God] holds my heart and protects it for You love me and care for me. YHWH [God], You are the King of my heart, healer of my heart, keeper of my heart.

There maybe sorrow and pain now, but in the morning You YHWH [God], will bring a new day, with new strength and new grace and I know You, YHWH [God] will lead me to the one that loves you most.

May YHWH [God] heal your heart, keep your heart save filled with His love and joy.

Grace and favor be with you all.
YHWH [God] loves you and cares for you.

Blessings and Shalom

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